Rasanath Dasa: “That realization led me to quit Wall Street, become a full-time monk and start Upbuild.”


“I graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology, worked for Deloitte in New York City, got an MBA from Cornell, and finally landed a job at Bank of America as an investment banker.

During my first year at university in India, I had a mini existential crisis. I had always found my identity as an all-round achiever, but that was being severely challenged as I competed with my classmates, who in many respects were better than me. It was my first encounter with the temporality and fragility of the unconscious identities we adopt and hold on to so strongly. The emotional effect of my failures led me to search for deeper answers…

[But a near-death experience later] led me to deeply re-think my pursuit of success and the image that I wanted other people to see, admire and validate in my life…

At work, behind the many masks of success, fame and smooth deals, I saw deep-seeded insecurities that manifested themselves behind closed doors in several unhealthy ways.

And I saw the same darkness in myself. Over time I could not bring to put my heart into my work. I was afraid of quitting my job because it meant letting go of an identity that received so much validation and respect from the outside world. In the pursuit of success I had become such a compulsive achievement machine who had lost touch with my own authentic self. That realization led me to quit Wall Street, become a full time monk and start Upbuild.”

-Rasanath Dasa, via http://chrisguillebeau.com/rasanath-dasa/


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