Get Involved

1) Share your mental health/emotional wellbeing stories HONY-style to Attach a photo of yourself or your work and include your social media handles/links to any work you’d like to promote. Ask your friends to share stories with us as well.

2) Follow us on social media. Share the stories with friends. You never know who is secretly struggling and needs something like this.



3) Email us if you’d like to volunteer or collaborate in other ways:

4) Support and/or contribute to these organizations and projects. Follow them on social media, donate, or volunteer for them.

5) Talk, talk, talk. In your temples, your mosques, whatever – start opening up about your struggles. Create a space where people feel safe and comfortable opening up about their’s without judgment. Stop prioritizing status and appearance over wellbeing. Stop engaging in rat-race behavior and conversations. Come from a more authentic place. Be brave enough to talk about all of you, flaws and all. This in itself can save lives by releasing people from the fatal isolation depression and struggles often can bring.


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